The sales of MICROSOFT products, EKONET realizes through its dealer/reseller network. This reseller network consists eminent IT companies, which are already proved in the field of the own working and through partner contract.

Buying directly from one of the resellers which is included in our network you have :

Genuine license/product imported by authorized dealer channel,

Valid software license;

Service support during further upgrade of the equipment (hardware and software),

Buying MICROSOFT products from the company that is not a part of this reseller network, actually from unauthorized channel, you automatically lose all of this benefits.


The sales of CISCO products, as well as LinkSys by Cisco Ekonet is realizing under his dealer network. Here are included eminent companies from IT business proved in their work and with already signed Partners Agreement. Buying directly from our registered Partners, you would get:

  • Original product imported from authorized channel;
  • Valid software license which comes with product;
  • 1 year guarantee;
  • Service maintains (hardware & software) realized with direct contact to CISCO.

If you are buying CISCO products from companies which are not part from our dealer network i.e. from not authorized channel you will lose these benefits.

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