Price Reduction on Cisco Security Products



Cisco announces $2000 price reduction on Cisco ASA5510-AIP10 solution (Cisco ASA5510 with AIP-SSM10 module), $1000 price reduction on Cisco ASA IPS modules AIP-SSM10, AIP-SSM20, and introduces two new Cisco ASA 5500 IPS solution bundles with Security Plus licenses.

The new lower prices are very attractive to customers looking to enhance their firewall security or desiring to meet compliance mandates.  The hardware-accelerated IPS modules AIP-SSM10 and AIP-SSM20 provide proven protection against over 30,000 threats.  The Security Plus license delivers several key capabilities, including high availability failover with active/active and active/standby support, higher firewall connection capacity, and 2 Gigabit Ethernet (GE) ports.  The new ASA 5500 IPS solution bundles with Security Plus license greatly simplify ordering.  With the new ASA5510-AIP20 Security Plus solution, customers get performance-matched IPS and firewall in a single integrated appliance.

The new lower prices are effective immediately.  We expect the new Cisco ASA5510 IPS Solutions with Security Plus license to be orderable September 25, 2008, and first customer ship to take place in 2-3 weeks.








Intuitive, powerful, and secure, the Cisco ASA 5500 IPS solution provides market-leading firewall, IPS, and VPN in a single integrated appliance.  Cisco IPS greatly enhances firewall security with proven protection against over 30,000 threats and day-zero protection with Cisco Anomaly Detection.  The IPS capabilities of Cisco ASA 5500 Series are uniquely hardware accelerated, so turning on IPS does not impact the host firewall or VPN throughput.  Management is simple with easy-to-use Cisco IPS Manager Express (IME).  

These new lower prices and easy-to-order bundles make it easier for customers to save money, meet ever-increasing compliance requirements and keep threats out, confidential data in.

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