CISCO2811-SEC/K9 Integrated Services Router 


            CISCO2811-SEC/K9 is one of the four models that Cisco offers as part of the 2800 Series Routers. It is a modular router with one NM slot and 4 WIC/VIC/HWIC slots. CISCO2811-SEC/K9 is designed for SMB businesses. The wide palette of network modules, as well as WIC/VIC/HWIC cards, makes this router very flexible in different situations and it gives a variety of solutions for the end users. It comes as a basic version router, version with implemented security software, version with IP Telephony capability etc. Also CISCO2811-SEC/K9 has an option for wireless connectivity trough AP card. 

From the basic characteristics we present you the following:

·          2  10/100 ports;

·          1 NM slot and 4 WIC/VIC/HWIC slots;

·          Base IOS, Firewall and IP Sec VPN support;

·          IP Telephony support;

·          Option for wireless connectivity (802.11а/b/g).;

·          Graphical way of configuring (SDM);

·          Advanced QoS, 802.1Q, 802.1X.