Cisco Secure ACS 4.2

Cisco Secure Access Control Server (ACS) is a comprehensive, identity-based access control policy system and an integration platform for managing access policy for network resources. Cisco Secure ACS is a central point for administering access policy for users and devices.

Key New Features in Cisco Secure ACS 4.2

-RDBMS synchronization enhancements for improved provisioning
-Improved logs for audit, reporting and diagnostics
-New EAP-FAST protocol options for greater deployment flexibility
-New LDAP support options for group filtering and group mapping using existing directories
-ACS Solution Engine (appliance) upgrades including an OS update and native RSA SecurID support
-Support for NAC/NAP interoperability


Cisco Secure Access Control Server 4.2 will be orderable beginning 29 February 2008. 

Lunch Announcement

Cisco Secure ACS for Windows FCS on 15 March 2008

Cisco Secure ACS SE 4.2 FCS on 29 March 2008.

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